Increase Faculty Diversity

Add four new post-doctoral fellowships in areas that support diversity

To increase the pipeline of faculty from underrepresented groups, Dartmouth will create four new post-doctoral fellowships in areas that support diversity, as identified by faculty and deans. 

Provost/School Deans

Post-doctoral fellows are early-career scholars who have recently finished their doctoral work but who are not yet established in their careers. They add to the life of the College by bringing new ideas and fresh approaches to scholarship, and in turn get the opportunity to solidify their research profile, receive valuable feedback and mentorship from senior scholars, and learn teaching and academic career management skills. Using these fellowships to target faculty from underrepresented will enhance Dartmouth's pipeline of scholars to help grow a diverse faculty. 


Faculty and school deans will identify candidates for these postdoctoral fellowships during the spring 2017 recruitment season for positions beginning in fall 2017. 


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