Increase Faculty Diversity

Double length of Chavez, Eastman, and Marshall Fellowship programs

To increase the pipeline of faculty from underrepresented groups Dartmouth will double the length of the Chavez, Eastman and Marshall fellowships from one year to two. 

Provost/School Deans

The Chavez, Eastman and Marshall fellowships have brought to Dartmouth promising young pre-doctoral scholars from Latino/a, Native American, and African American backgrounds, respectively. Previously one year fellowships, they are terrific opportunities to help support younger scholars and extending the timeframe will allow for completion of doctoral work and better establishment of their scholarship. 


The length of the Chavez Fellowship was doubled during the Spring 2016 recruitment season, thanks to support from a Mellon Foundation planning grant. 

For the Eastman and Marshall fellowships, the two-year terms will be implemented for candidates arriving in Fall 2017. 


Complete for the Chavez Fellowship. In progress for the Eastman and Marshall fellowships. 


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