Increase Faculty Diversity

Build and strengthen networks to develop a pipeline for diverse scholars

Dartmouth will strengthen existing relationships and develop new partnerships with programs that encourage undergraduates to pursue doctoral studies, and with minority pre-doctoral fellowship programs and training grants. 

Provost/School Deans

Diversifying the faculty requires broadening the networks from which the College recruits young scholars. Forging relationships with programs that support and encourage underrepresented scholars to pursue advanced studies - and being part of a pipeline of support that carries young scholars from undergraduate training through graduate studies and postdoctoral fellowships - both enriches the candidate pool, and puts Dartmouth in the sights of these new scholars. 


Diversification of the networks used to recruit new faculty now include the following strategies:

  • Pipeline programs, such as the Provost's Fellowship Program, the Society of Fellows and other post-doctoral fellowship opportunities, that bring younger scholars to Dartmouth early in their careers;
  • Targeted outreach to graduate schools successfully producing diverse scholars;
  • Membership in professional organziations for the promotion of underrepresented scholars across all academic disciplines;
  • Participation in, and advertisement and recruitment through academic sub-field organizations that promote diversification of the profession;
  • Department to department and school to school faculty exchanges and collaborations that introduce diverse faculty to Dartmouth.