Increase Faculty Diversity

Conduct exit and stay interviews with faculty

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity will conduct exit interviews with all departing faculty, as well as with faculty who have chosen to stay, to increase Dartmouth's understanding of the factors influencing employment decisions and to assist efforts to recruit and retain an excellent, diverse faculty. 

Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity

Several peer institutions were surveyed as to the instruments they use in their exit interviews with faculty. Institutional Diversity and Equity, working with campus partners, has identified an instrument to use in guiding their work with faculty who have decided to leave Dartmouth, (thanks to our colleagues at Penn State University):

Academic recruiting gets underway in the fall and concludes by May 1, and faculty may announce their intent to leave at any point before the customary May 1 date. Once faculty have indicated their intent to leave, they will be asked to complete the exit interview.


Dartmouth is now collecting and analyzing annually data from faculty departures and retentions.

Exit interviews are offered to all faculty who annuonce their departures from Dartmouth. In addition to an online exit interview option, the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity follows up with each departing faculty member to offer an in-person exit interview.

Data is also collected annually on faculty who have recieved offers from other institutions, but who have decided to stay. Negotiations around retention offer up-to-date information and market comparisons of what Dartmouth needs to do to remain competitive. This information includes salary and research support data, but also reveals faculty needs around professional development and advancement opportunities, community resources, and other less tangible inputs that ensure faculty satisfaction and productivity.