Increase Staff Diversity

Conduct exit and stay interviews with staff

Dartmouth will conduct exit interviews with departing staff, as well as with those who choose to stay, to increase our understanding of the factors influencing employement decisions and to assist us in our efforts to recruit and retain an excellent and diverse staff. 

Chief Human Resources Officer

Conducting exit interviews has not been a regular human resources practice, which means Dartmouth may be missing trends that could be addressed to retain an excellent and diverse staff. Similarily, there is an opportunity to use interviews with employees who stay to identify strengths that can be used in future recruitment and retention efforts. 


The Office of Human Resources has completed a peer review of competitor institutions' exit interview protocols, and is evaluating options in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity. The roll out of Dartmouth's interview protocol is projected to take place before the end of 2016. 

Update June 5, 2017: The Office of Human Resources has contracted with Qualtrics to deploy their Employee Engagement platform to automate exit surveys for staff. The implementation of this platform is currently underway.


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