Increase Faculty Diversity

Create Asian-American studies fellowship

To increase the pipeline of faculty from underrepresented groups, Dartmouth will add an Asian-American studies fellowship, in the model of the Chavez, Eastman and Marshall fellowships. 


Pre- and post-doctoral fellowships in African and African American studies, Native American studies and Latino/a studies have brought young scholars engaged in research in these areas to campus, where they have made meaningful contributions to the community. Adding a similar fellowship in Asian-American studies will expand Dartmouth's comparatively smaller profile in this area. 


During the academic year 2016-17, Dartmouth conducted a search for two, two-year postdotoral fellows in Asian American Studies.

The search sought recent or graduating PhDs who "will broaden our understanding of Asian America" and was open as to discipline, inter-discipline or area taught in Dartmouth's undergraduate school of Arts and Sciences. The fellowship aims to foster the academic career of newly-minted PhD scholars with active research agendas, and to help them produce cutting-edge scholarship and transformation ideas in their fields. The fellows will also contribute to the life of the host department(s) in productive, creative and engergizing ways.

Eng-Beng Lim, Associate Professor of Women's and Gender and Sexuality Studies chaired the search.

The recipients will join the Dartmouth community in fall 2017 and biographical information on the fellows will be posted in summer 2017.


This fellowship was established in Fall 2017, with two inaugeral scholars appointed as Dean's Fellows in Asian American Studies. To ensure continuity in recruitment, each scholar is appointed for a two-year residency. These fellowships are part of the Provost's Fellowship Program at the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. 


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