Build a More Inclusive Community

Develop co-curricular offerings for students on cross-cultural communication

Dartmouth will develop co-curricular offerings for undergraduate and graduate students to supplement existing opportunities to learn effective cross-cultural communication.

Dean of the College/Vice Provost for Student Affairs/Graduate and Professional School Deans/Dean of the Faculty

There are many opportunities for Dartmouth undergradate students to develop their skills in cross-cultural communication. As part of its capital campaign, Dartmouth has proposed the creation of a comprehensive, four-year leadership program that will incorporate cross-cultural communication in its experiential program design. This will ensure that all Dartmouth students get the opporutnity to learn the skills needed for cross-cultural communication.

Opportunities for graduate students are still evoloving. Tuck students participate in TuckGo, a required curricular program designed to develop a global mindset and the skills to operate effectively across cultures. In the Gisel School of Medicine, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement creates a variety of opportunities for students to talk about diversity and inclusion on campus, in addition to running their Rural and Urban Health Scholars programs that place medical students in underserved communities. Graduate students served by the Guarini School of  Graduate and Advanced studies are supported by a variety of advising programs, and participate, along with post-doctoral scholars, in programs for future faculty offered through the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, some of which involve topis such as disrupting implicit bias in the classroom. 

Undergraduate students have the following opportunities to develop their skills in cross-cultural communication:

Office of Student Life: In partnership with students, faculty and staff, the Office of Student Life is committed to developing positive, inclusive student opportunities and experiences that contribute to an outstanding Dartmouth education. They host the annual new student orientation, where   inclusion in a primary focus and among other tasks, oversee student organizations, educating them in the priciples of community and adherence to college policies.  They have partnered with the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy in the development of the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB),  a program for first year students that broadens their understanding of themselves, their classmates and the Dartmouth experience.

Office of Pluralism and Leadership: OPAL's mission is to foster a Dartmouth where all students can thrive, value difference, and contribute to a socially just world. They offer a variety of training and educational opportunities than enhance leadership across difference and create meaningful cross-cultural interactions. 

The Dickey Center for International Understanding: In addition to their interdisciplinary minor in International Studies, the Dickey Center offers a variety of mechanisms for students to engage with different cultures and perspectives and to learn to do so with respect. The Great Issues Scholars Program for first year students, uses students' interest in international affairs to form a basis for learning and working together across difference. Students can also pursue in depth internships and research in other cultures through the Center's international internship and research fellowship programs. Pre-departure workshops help students navigate new cultures.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences: Cross cultural communication and communicating across difference are a part of all of the programs at the Rockefeller Center, including their Civic Skills training for students embarking on internships, and their Management Leadership and Development program. Two programs in particular focus explicitly on these aims: the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB) program for first year students co-sponsored with the Office of Student Life; and the Global Leadership Program for upperclass students. The Global Leadership program aims to intentially increase one's comforth with and understanding of people and cultures that are different in thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, and to learn how to lead by creating a culture of respect.

The William Jewett Tucker Foundation offers a variety of multifaith experiential programs that seek to build community across religious lines. These programs build relationships based on common ground and shared concerns while facing real and significant difference.

The Center for Social Impact through local and global service opportunities the Center for Social Impact provides students the opportunity to engage with difference by working in communities with a practical goal.  

Dartmouth Peak Performance program for student athletes provides leadership and teambuilding activities as well as community engagement opportunities for Dartmouth's student athletes to develop their cross-cultural communication skills while managing their scholarly and training commitments.