Build a More Inclusive Community

Develop manager training programs that include diversity hiring, inclusive decision-making and cross-cultural leadership

Human Resources will develop manager training programs on topics that include diversity hiring, inclusivity in decision making, and cross-cultural leadership. 

Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity/Chief Human Resources Officer

The Office of Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion have developed a suite of programs aimed at helping individual employees and managers understand implicit bias in the workplace, create and understand assessible environments, and develop communication and customer service skills to communicate across difference and operate effectively in a diverse workplace. The full listing of professional development offerings can be found on the Human Resources Training and Professional Development website.

DartSmart, Human Resources' new manager training program focuses specifically on the skills required to effectively manage, retain and build an engaged workforce. 

Dartmouth LEADS is a leadership development program for high-potential and high-performace individuals who demonstrate commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth.

Information on both DartSmart and Dartmouth LEADS can be found on the Human Resources Training and Professional Development wesbite.


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