Increase Transparency

Develop mechanisms for feedback and dialogue on issues of diversity and inclusivity

Senior leaders will provide a variety of mechanisms, including public forums, to support community feedback and dialogue on issues of diversity and inclusivity. 

President/Provost/School Deans/Executive Vice President/Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity/Dean of the College/Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Community members ought to have a variety of ways to communicate their ideas and concerns to senior leadership regarding campus climate and inclusivity. These channels of communication should be clearly advertised and accessible to all. 


Existing means for gathering and responding to community feedback include:

  • The inclusive excellence website, where there is a feedback form on every page.
  • mail to:, monitored weekdays by a dedicated inclusive excellence staffer.
  • Town Hall meetings, hosted by the Executive Vice President Richard Mills, often featuring other community leaders presenting on topics relate to diversity. Questions from community members are welcome at each session.
  • Open office hours by senior leaders, including the President, which are posted via Vox.

Additional means for dialog will be implemented based on the recommendations of the newly formed Council of Diversity and Inclusion.  Suggestions are welcome - please use the comment form on this page.