Build a More Inclusive Community

Expand diversity, mentorship and implicit bias trainings for all faculty, especially department chairs and senior staff

Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, Dartmouth will expand workshops and training on topics of diversity, mentorship and implicit bias to reach all faculty, and with a priority for department chairs and senior staff. 

Provost/School Deans

Since the launch of the initiative, the following opportunities have been created for faculty:

All faculty are encouraged to participate in the HR/IDE courses offerings on implicit bias, and custom programs are offered for schools, departments, or faculty committees on request.

Faculty serving on the Committee Advisory to the President (CAP- the body responsible for deliberating on tenure and promotion cases) and the Deans and Associate Deans have all completed an implicit bias training for senior staff.

All faculty serving on search committees in the professional schools (Geisel, Thayer, Tuck) receive implicit bias and faculty recruitment training. The chairs of search committees in Arts & Sciences receive training before the start of every search. A&S search committee members have access to resources and support from the Assistant Provost for Faculty Recruitment. Departments can request custom training by IDE and the Assistant Provost for Faculty Recruitment.

Geisel faculty on search committees also complete the online Project Implict® program.

All Dartmouth faculty are invited to participate in professional development programs offered by the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) which offers programs on disrupting bias in the classroom, pedagogy,  professional writing and managing a research program, and other professional development topics.

In Arts and Sciences:

The Dean of the Faculty office developed mentoring and professional development guidelines. Deans and Department Chairs regularly remind and encourage faculty to follow these guidelines as part of the annual evaluation process.
Department and Program Chairs are encouraged regularly to become familiar with or review guidelines for recruiting faculty. The Assistant Provost for Faculty Recruitment and IDE update training materials frequently.

(Updated February 2019)