Increase Staff Diversity

Form working group to recommend targets and strategies for increasing underrepresented minorities on staff

By September 15, 2016 Dartmouth will form a working group charged with identifying a target by which to increase underrepresented minorities on the staff and provide strategies and benchmarks for achieving that goal. The group will report to the president and provost by February 15, 2017.

Executive Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer

Enhancing staff diversity is as much a priority as it is for faculty. Identifying appropriate targets for staff positions requires consideration of regional labor markets and workforces. While it is reasonable to expect a faculty member to relocate across the country for a new position, that might not be a reasonable assumption for an administrative assistant, laboratory technician or other staff member. This working group will include hiring specialists from across the institution who are knowledgeable about regional labor markets and who can make suggestions about reasonable targets to increase inclusivity and diversity in the staff. 


The following people have been appointed to this working group: 

  • Cheryl Josler (chair), executive director, HR Services
  • Beatriz Cantada, director for equal opportunity and affirmative action, Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Christine Cook, chief financial and administrative officer, Thayer School of Engineering
  • Dia Draper, director of strategic initiatives, MBA program, Tuck School of Business​
  • Faith Goodness, director of administration for the Dean's Office, Geisel School of Medicine
  • Lesa Knapp, director of business operations, Advancement Division
  • Ahmed Mohammed, director of talent acquisition, Human Resources
  • Rita Temple Brooks, director, admin-provost finance center 

This group has been tasked with reviewing current diversity goals, efforts and outcomes and recommend appropriate targets for staff diversity to the Executive Committee on Inclusive Excellence along with strategies for achieving these goals by 2020, the timeframe laid out in the Inclusive Excellence Plan. 

The first meeting of this group will take place on Monday, September 26, 2016. 



In February 2017, the Staff Recruitment and Retention Working Group submitted their report to the Executive Committee on Inclusive Excellence. Details are chronicled under the task, Present working group report on staff diversity.