Be Accountable

Include efforts to enhance inclusivity and support diversity in senior staff and faculty performance evaluations

Beginning in 2016-17 annual performance evaluations will ask all faculty and senior staff to describe their efforts to enhance inclusivity and support diversity on campus. 

School Deans/Provost/Executive Vice President/President

Performance evaluations for all staff, including senior staff, now include a section specifically designed to evaluate an individual's efforts to promote inclusion at Dartmouth. In addition to the general ratings around reliability and accountability, teamwork, and communication, a section entitled "Service/Civility/Inclusion" asks supervisors to assess whether staff "treat all with respect, courtsey and dignity" and "embrace Dartmouth's commitment to maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace."  Support for this standard, often articulated in department diversity plans, includes encouragement that all staff participate in workshops offered by Human Resources and the Office of Insitutional Diversity and Equity that raise awareness about implicit bias, offer skills for communicating across difference and having difficult conversations, among other offerings.

Faculty equally are asked about their efforts to support a diverse and inclusive campus in their annual evaluations. Arts and Sciences faculty and can record this in two separate places on the Faculty Record Supplement: in a section specifically addressing mentoring activities related to diversity and inclusion, and in a Dartmouth Service section in which faculty may describe, for example, involvement in house communities or with other community-building activities. As with staff, faculty are encouraged to seek ongoing professional development and mentoring, including taking advantage of the resources of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity and Human Resources, and the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Leanring which offers programs specficially around teaching and scholarship.

These changes were made effective in 2017 for staff evaluations due in October of that year, and for the faculty review of the academic year 2017-2018.