Build a More Inclusive Community

Incorporate diversity and inclusion discussions in house communities

The College will integrate opportunities for student discussion and education on issues of diversity and inclusivity into the undergraduate house communities.

Dean of the College/House Professors

The following programs are being piloted in the first year of the house communities: 

  • Termly program on diversity and inclusion: Each House will host one diversity and inclusion program per term, either organized by the House alone, or sponsored by other campus entities and hosted at the House.
  • The First Year Residential Experience program incorporates diversity and inclusion in its curriculum for each residence hall floor. 
  • Social justice programming teams: Each House will create a programming team through which student House members lead the planning and execution of House-wide events tied to MLK Day celebrations and continuing House conversations about social justice issues and flash-points. 
  • Dartmouth Dialogues: During the week of September 19, 2016, three of the Houses and some of the Living and Learning Communities are participating in a pilot program in coordination with the Hopkins Center for the Arts screening of Roger Ross Williams' "Life Animated" on September 24, 2016. The House programs engage students in discussion and the creation of images -- painting, photos, video -- related to the topic of "The power of stories: Changing the way we see ourselves and others." 

Winter 2017 Update:

Thanks in part to support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, the House communities are hosting a series of mini-seminars during winter term that explore a variety of topics - several explicitly related to inclusion and diversity. These mini-seminars are open to all members of the Dartmouth community. Details can be found on the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation mini-seminars page.



Regular and ongoing discussions about diversity and inclusion are a feature of House Community life.