Build a More Inclusive Community

Incorporate diversity and inclusion training into orientation for new students

Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, orientation for students will include training on diversity and inclusion. Through orientation programs and web-based resources, the College will ensure that all members of the community are aware of opportunities for involvement in enhancing the diversity and inclusivity of our campus, as well as clear guidelines for reporting incidents of bias

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

From the start of their Dartmouth experience, all students ought to be thinking of themselves as part of a community and considering ways in which they contribute to and support each other in that community. Understanding implicit bias and developing cross-cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity should be woven throughout orientation activities. 


Orientation for the Class of 2020 ran from September 8 - 11, 2016. It included six required programs that focused on aspects of diversity and inclusivity, as well as several optional programs aimed at integrating our newest members into the Dartmouth community. A listing of these activites is posted under Documents.  



Orientation for the Class of 2020 featured six core, required programs, including the shared academic experience, dedicated to the principles and practice of building an inclusive community where diversity can thrive. 

This task is considered complete for the 2016-17 academic year. 

Next step: Ensure this focus remains strong in future orientations. 


Fall 2016 First Year Orientation Program

The following required core activities of orientation focused on diversity and inclusivity: 

  • First Meeting of the Class of 2020: Your Community, Your Class, Your Words: With President Hanlon, Vice Provost Ameer, Dean Mastanduno and Director of Admissions Sunde. 
  • The Principles That Define Our Community: Vice Provost Ameer, Dean Biron, and Title IX Coordinator Lunkvist cover Dartmouth's Academic Honor Principle, Personal and Campus Safety, Building a Community of Respect and Dartmouth's Bystander Initiative. 
  • Shared Academic Experience: Lecture with Professor Sienna Craig, Anthropology, "Stories and Selves: Making Meaning, Cultivating Curiosity, and Becoming Citizens of the World": How do we make sense of our lives, and the diverse experiences that shape us as human beings? What stories do we tell, about ourselves and about each other?  How do such stories help us cultivate a sense of belonging and to navigate social difference? What do we risk losing when we see each other as “single stories” instead of multifaceted people, making our way through a complex world? Using the writing of Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as inspiration and the discipline of anthropology as our guide, this year’s Shared Academic Experience culminating lecture invites us all to take up these questions.
  • Our Dartmouth: Community Building Through Story-Sharing: Our Dartmouth is a narrative-based panel where returning students share their stories of both success and difficulty finding community and places of belonging on Dartmouth's campus. It highlights how students' backgrounds, identities, interests and values play a role in finding a place on campus and determining who they want to be at college and beyond. The story-sharing format will help first-year students reflect on how they can demonstrate respect for their peers and participate in building community at a diverse institution. 
  • Matriculation with President Hanlon: President Hanlon will greet each student personally as they accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the Dartmouth community. Students will also sign the Dartmouth Citizenship Pledge, symbolizing their commitment to our community. 
  • Twilight Ceremony: As the sun sets behind the Green Mountains on the eve before your first day of classes, gather as a class on the Collis porch for a ceremony honoring your entrance into the Dartmouth community. 

These optional programs also address diversity and inclusivity: 

  • English Tongue, Latin Soul: A First-Generation Love Story: Poet, scholar and lover of life Luis Inoa hosts an engaging interactive performance in which we explore our own stories...and build a cultural sculpture. 
  • Student Involvement Fair: Discover the wide variety of student organizations at Dartmouth! All Dartmouth sponsored student organizations are open to everyone. 
  • Community Lunch: President Phil Hanlon and Gail Gentes host a cookout for the entire Dartmouth community to celebrate the first day of classes.