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Publish diversity and inclusion report card

Dartmouth will publish an annual diversity and inclusion report card, to be posted on this website. The report card will include updates on all relevant programs, initiatives, relevant data and goals from across the College. The first report card will be published on May 30, 2017. 


Update June 5, 2017: The Diversity Assessment and Research Team has created a report card tracking progress on all the initiatives included in the Action Plan on Inclusive Excellence, which they will share with the External Review Committee on June 7, 2017. The report card will be posted once input from the External Review Committee has been incorporated.


The figures below offer a snapshot of progress made on each of the tasks by initiatives in the action plan on inclusive excellence. This schematic was created by the Diversity Assessment and Research Group based on data regarding progress effective May 30, 2017, and does not include progress made since that date.

Statistics regarding underrepresented faculty and staff are reported annually based on hires effective November 1. This data can be accessed via the Office of Institutional Research fact book.

Kindly use the comment form to share feedback on the scorecard.

Inclusive Excellence Scorecard 2017 pg. 1

Build Inclusive Community figure2.pdf