Build a More Inclusive Community

Report on ways to increase connections between alumni and underrepresented students

The provost and advancement division will examine ways to increase connections between alumni and students to support students of color and LGBTQIA students more systematically and effectively. They will issue recommendations by September 15, 2016. 

Provost/Senior Vice President for Advancement

The provost and advancement areas have completed a survey of the ways alumni and students are brought together through affliated alumni groups, admissions, alumni clubs and groups, as well as through specific offices on campus, such as the Office of Pluralism and Leadership. In addition, they have recommended a number of ways to broaden these connections, especially with students of color and LGBTQIA students. 

This survey and these recommendations are posted in the Outcome section of this task. A background report on affliated groups and student connections can be found under Documents.



Below is the report from the provost and advancement offices on the ways in which Dartmouth alumni currently engage with students of color and LGBTQIA students, and recommendations for the expansion of these connections. (Task completed September 15, 2016; additional information will be posted as programs and initiatives are developed.)

Dartmouth graduates maintain an especially robust relationship with their alma mater. Alumni devote an extraordinary amount of time and talent to the institution, and Dartmouth’s relationship with its alumni is highly regarded in the world of higher education. Our past, current, and future programs and partnerships are designed to reflect the diversity of the Dartmouth community and offer an inclusive opportunity for engagement with the College. The Office of Alumni Relations intentionally and thoughtfully creates structures and programs to leverage this network in support of students of color and LGBTQIA students. Below are examples of these efforts.


The mission of the Communities department is to empower leaders to build vibrant networks, regional clubs, and groups that engage and connect alumni, students and their families, based on their current and shared experiences. Outlined below are some of the department’s efforts to increases connections between alumni, students of color, and LGBTQIA students.

Efforts include:

  • Supporting Dartmouth Alumni’s affiliated groups (Black Alumni of Dartmouth; Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association; Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni; Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni/ae; and Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth) as they champion diversity and inclusivity on campus by supporting undergraduate admissions, students and student organizations, alumni-student programming, and more.  Read more about the affiliated groups’ work on alumni and student connections:Report on alumni-student connections: Alumni affiliated groups
  • Created a program with Women of Dartmouth to present to admitted students at Dimensions weekend
  • Coordinating send-off parties for incoming students with Alumni Clubs and Groups
  • Partnering with the Office of Pluralism and Leadership to support student welcome events, heritage month celebrations, and other events throughout the year
  • Creating space during Class and Group Officers Weekend to connect students and alumni.

Admissions Ambassador Program

The Alumni Relations’ Admissions Ambassador Program (AAP) plays an integral role in Dartmouth’s recruitment, admissions, and yield efforts. Admissions Ambassadors participate in a number of ways including reaching out to potential applicants at college fairs and high schools to interviewing applicants and attending admitted student events.

Efforts include:

  • Coordinating 40 Admitted Student Events (ASEs) each year with a goal to have representation from affiliated groups at the receptions
  • Supporting student send-offs with affiliated groups throughout the country
  • Increasing efforts this year to facilitate alumni outreach to admitted students from underrepresented groups
  • Partnering with affiliated groups to facilitate phone calls from their members to admitted students
  • Partnering with affiliated and shared interest groups to recruit new Admissions Ambassador volunteers in an effort to ensure that Ambassadors are as diverse as possible and reflective of Dartmouth today

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning brings the exciting scholarship and research transpiring on the Dartmouth campus to alumni and friends around the globe through exciting programs and trips. The department develops diverse programming through partnering with affiliated groups and professors on a wide array of topics.

Efforts include:

  • Developed Dartmouth on Location Boston Ivy League Pioneers in conjunction with Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association, that reflected on the first 133 black students at Dartmouth. Students were able to attend the event through the Office of the Provost.
  • Planning a Dartmouth on Location event in conjunction with Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association at the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture

Dartmouth for Life

Dartmouth for Life engages alumni and their families, parents, and friends through programs that encourage lifelong experiential learning, content that responds to their own interests, and services that offer career and personal support spanning a lifetime. The department focuses on diversity and inclusion across all programs.

Efforts include:

  • Hosting Off the Green career immersion programs with the Center for Professional Development including:

-Off-campus career immersion days during term breaks where 15-25 students meet with alumni and parents working in a specific industry, and the day-long program culminates in a reception with alumni. Through targeted promotion to students and recruitment of alumni, these programs attract a diverse audience.

-In March 2016, Off the Green partnered with Pathways to Healthcare to sponsor a two-day immersion program for students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to explore careers in medicine. In March 2017, we will collaborate on a program in global health.

-Ongoing collaboration with on-campus partners and with affiliated groups to develop career immersion programs that are accessible to all students and that feature alumni from backgrounds that have been under-represented in their chosen field of work.

  • We will work with alumni volunteers and with affiliated groups to promote membership in the Dartmouth Career Network (DCN). As part of a broad campaign to raise on-campus awareness of the DCN, we will hire a student intern to promote use of the DCN among students.

Alumni Leadership

The Alumni Leadership department works closely with Dartmouth’s Alumni Council to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and Dartmouth.

Efforts include:

  • Focusing the fall 2016 Alumni Council meeting on “Dartmouth For All” to feature the work of the Inclusive Excellence Initiative. Alumni Councilors will have the opportunity to learn about diversity and inclusion at Dartmouth and will carry this information to their constituents.  At the event students will serve on committees and panels and will be invited to network.

In the year ahead, Alumni Leadership will expand and build upon current efforts to improve diversity by:

  • Deliberately promoting existing opportunities for alumni-student interactions to diverse student groups.

Examples of Additional Alumni Programming Across the Institution

  • The Rauner Special Collections Library is interested in working with students to develop an exhibit based on how the experiences of current LGBTQIA students and students of color differ from Alumni experiences.
  • The Assistant Dean and Advisor to Black Students is working with Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) on the development of a career mentoring program between alumni and undergraduate students.
  • The Geisel School of Medicine’s Diversity Council and Alumni Council will work together to expand outreach to diverse alumni in an effort to boost recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  • Geisel Alumni Relations will explore ways to establish and maintain an alumni group focusing on minorities to help students by offering mentoring and general advice.