Increase Faculty Diversity

Review and report on balancing faculty workload

The burden of institutional service, including mentorship and committee service, may be unfairly distributed across the faculty. To address this imbalance, departments, divisions and schools will seek to measure and balance institutional workloads across the faculty. Deans will report annually to the provost on these measures, including participation rates and outcomes. Initial reports are due on June 1, 2017.

School Deans

Faculty of color and women may bear a heavier burden for such institutional activties such as mentoring and committee service. Considerations of diversity, such as diverse representation on committees, need to be balanced with an equitable distribution of such responsibilities across the faculty. Currently institutional service, and in particular mentoring, is imprecisely tracked and measured. Departments, divisions and schools are asked to find a means of measuring this work so that considerations of equity in workload may be factored into faculty activity assessments. 


This task remains ongoing.

In 2017, the Committee on the Faculty (COF) in Arts and Sciences reviewed their policy of assigning faculty to committees. At issue was whether the aim of achieving diverse representation of faculty on committees resulted in under-represented faculty doing a disproportionate amount of service. Faculty committtee participation is now tracked carefully and reviewed annually for both diversity across committees and fairness of the service burden across the faculty.

At the conclusion of the academic year in June, 2017, school deans reported that there was as yet too much uncertainty within and across schools regarding what to measure and how best to measure in when assessing faculty workloads. At question is how best to capture the burdens on faculty for work that is not currently recorded and tracked, such as informal mentoring. Discussions about how to capture this information so as to fairly and effectively assess the impact on workload are ongoing.