Build a More Inclusive Community

Sponsor annual debate on topic of political and social import

The ideal of an inclusive community is not one where everyone agrees with one another, but rather one where people have the skills to disagree with each other constructively and respectfully. Such skills are the hallmark of a liberal arts education. To exemplify their importance to our community, Dartmouth will sponsor an annual debate on a topic of political and/or social import. The debate will feature experts who bring a broad range of perspectives to the issue. Nominations for each year's topic will be solicited from faculty, staff, and students. 


January 2018: Several attempts have been made to identify debate topics and secure high-profile speakers to engage upon them. Difficulties in getting participants willing to debate opposites sides of an issue AND available to visit Dartmouth on the same day during term time have thwarted efforts to host this debate thus far. We are persisting, however.


All submissions will receive a reply.