Increase Staff Diversity

Strengthen outreach and recruiting to attract broader range of candidates for staff positions

Dartmouth will strengthen its outreach and recruiting practices to reach a broader range of candidates for staff positions, and partner with other organizations to create strong pipelines for diverse candidates. 

Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity/Chief Human Resources Officer


The Office of Human Resources participates in the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE). (The most recent NCORE conference was in May 2016, and the next is scheduled for June 2017).

Additionally, Dartmouth hosted the African American Women in Higher Ed (AAWHE) conference on in August 2016. Learn more about the conference.

Professional Memberships: 

Dartmouth maintains memberships with the following diversity recruitment organizations: 

  • American Association of Blacks in Higher Education 
  • Association of Latino Professionals for America 
  • The National Association of Asian American Professionals 
  • National Black MBA Association 

These organizations are helping to expand our networks for advertising and recruitment. 

Social Media: 

Check out the Dartmouth Human Resources Twitter feed: #ExperienceDartmouth or @dartmouthjobs.



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